GuidosToolbox Workbench (GWB)#

GuidosToolbox Workbench (GWB) contains the most popular image analysis modules of the desktop application GuidosToolbox (GTB). The individual GWB modules are setup as command-line applications for image processing on Linux server or desktop installations. The open source code of GWB and all dependencies is released under GPL version 3 on GitHub. Using the compiled version of GWB implies acceptance of the GWB-EULA.

This document describes GWB version 1.9.5, changelog



Vogt P., Riitters K., Rambaud P., d’Annunzio R., Lindquist R., Pekkarinen A. (2022). GuidosToolbox Workbench: spatial analysis of raster maps for ecological applications, Ecography, Volume 2022, Issue 3, doi: 10.1111/ecog.05864


A big thank you to Pierrick Rambaud for his help on developing this website and Loïc Dutrieux for setting it up on readthedocs.